Find. Eat. Drink.

Find. Eat. Drink., one of the premiere culinary websites, sought to bring their food industry insiders' knowledge and content to the iPhone. Caravan collaborated with F.E.D. to create THE indispensable discovery guide for travelers, hardcore foodies, and casual diners. Providing global recommendations on restaurants, bars, shops, markets, F.E.D. is endlessly browse-able and carries Find.Eat.Drink.'s distinct aesthetic.

On their website, Find. Eat. Drink. distributes their recommendations primarily through PDF city guides. However, creating a mobile app with this content required extensive architecture, and an iterative approach to crafting an easy-to-use interface. To accomplish this, Caravan developed a cloud-hosted content-management system and webservice which provides the backend for the iOS application. The app hosts a variety of features which allow users to find pro recommendations, to use geolocation and curate their own list of recommendations, creating personalized city guides.

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