The Art World is Changing


Caravan builds bespoke digital solutions for the art world.

The world of today has forced us all to think about how
we need to operate our businesses moving forward.

As more and more sales will be made digitally, you must have a cohesive and executable digital strategy for your art business. If you buy or sell art, you will need to figure out how to do business online.

As a leading technology firm in the art market, we believe that Online Viewing Rooms are the model for selling art in 2020 to large audiences. Caravan is a pioneer in creating feature-rich, interactive viewing rooms for galleries. Learn more by reading our Viewing Room Case Study

Keep your gallery thriving in the face of a changing world with
Caravan Art Ops.


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Caravan has worked with the most prestigious art institutions in the world to help sell millions of dollars of art and art merchandise online

Caravan works with businesses and individuals in the art world,
to provide best-of-breed digital solutions, including:

  • Building custom viewing rooms to sell high value artwork and items.

  • Implementing digital marketing initiatives to promote your viewing rooms, exhibitions, and build the brand of your artists.

  • Implementing digital sales tools that empowers your sales team to conduct business remotely.

  • Providing your customers with a fully remote sales experience.

  • Providing access to data and analytics, showcasing valuable business insights and buying patterns.

Caravan is practiced, passionate, and understands the needs of art galleries, museums, art purveyors, and artist estates in a digital world.

Our services are catered to your business and industry.

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Design

  • Ecommerce

  • Online Viewing Rooms

  • Sales Analytics

  • Digital Sales Operations

  • Technical Support

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Cloud Computing

  • CRM

  • Staff Training